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2015 CBAT Honors Reception Nets 3 Awards for Department of Computing

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Best movie you have seen lately:

Most recent movies have been a disappointment, but I guess The Avengers is the best one I've seen in the recent past.

What is the most unusual job you have ever held?

Camp counselor at a YMCA day camp. Keeping track of 15 five year old boys brought a lot of genuinely weird experiences.

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What is your favorite food? If your favorite food is not common to this locale, please describe it.

My favorite local food is a probably the spicy pepper chicken at Yamatos. But just about anything from Amigos is a close second.

Favorite aspect of living at (or around) ETSU:

The area around ETSU is a good blend of urban and rural. You can be in the middle of a concert or hiking deep in the woods with only a few minutes between the two.