Department of Computing Students Participate in National Code-a-Thon with Mountain States Health Alliance

Alumni Visit

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What is your favorite food? If your favorite food is not common to this locale, please describe it.

Palomilla y arroz con frijoles.... Cuban food.

Favorite indoor activity:

Video games of course.

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What is the best course on campus? Why do you think so?

The best non-CS course that I had in undergrad was Golf. It was a cheap and easy way to get 6 months at the Greenbriar driving range.

When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? How about now?

When I was 10, I probably wanted to be a professional video game player. But, I've always had a passion for computers and technology in general. Now, I want to be more things than I have time to do: chef, teacher, programmer, traveler, politician, professional video game player (some dreams never die).

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