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Graduate Applied Computer Science Foundation Courses

Requirements for admission

  • (at least) ONE of the following:
    • undergraduate degree in CS with GPA >= 3.0 from a North American university
    • GRE with verbal >= 400, quantitative >= 400, and verbal + quantitative >= 1050
    • professional record that demonstrates readiness for graduate study in computer science).
  • Coursework in computer science. Students lacking this background may be required to take courses from the Foundation Courses listed below, with B- or better in each course.
  • International students: TOEFL >= 213 (computerized) and GRE verbal >= 400.
  • Three letters of recommendation and a statement of graduate study goals.

Please refer to the School of Graduate Studies admissions and admission forms for more information.

Note: Students who do not meet these requirements may be eligible for conditional admission.

Foundation course checklist
Students must complete all foundation courses to be admitted unconditionally. For students admitted conditionally, all foundation courses must be completed within one year of the beginning of your first semester of study, with marks of B- or better (Note: see undergraduate catalog for course prerequisites):