Proficiency Exams

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Proficiency Test

The proficiency test is provided for those students who have developed the skills presented in CSCI 1100 through job training, previous education, and/or experience. Windows 7, Microsoft's Office 2013, and Internet Explorer 9 are the packages used and tested on. A passing grade will complete your obligation for CSCI 1100.

You only have one attempt to pass.  If you have taken the class you cannot take the Proficiency Test.  You must take the course again to improve your grade and satisfy the requirement.

  • You may ONLY take the proficiency test if you are enrolled under the 2004-2005 or newer catalog.
  • You may only take the proficiency test one time.
  • There is no charge to take the proficiency test.
  • The proficiency test is Pass/Fail and provides no credit hours on your transcript.

If you feel that you possess the skills necessary to pass this test, you can sign up now to take the Proficiency Exam.