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CSCI 1100 Using Information Technology is an introduction to information processing and computer applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, presentation software and operating systems. The class provides a hands-on approach and teaches the skills required for success in the university environment. Why should you take 1100? For more information please examine the syallbus:



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Proficiency Exams
All students are required to demonstrate UIT proficiency during their first 32 hours at ETSU. This can be accomplished by enrolling and successfully completing CSCI 1100 Using Information Technology. If you have the skills that are taught in class, there is a test available that you can choose to demonstrate your proficiency. ETSU does not accept proficiency tests in transfer from any institution.

If you feel that you possess the skills necessary to pass this test, you can sign up now to take the Proficiency Exam.


CSCI 1100 - 904 Using Information Technology On-Line: The on-line version of CSCI 1100. It is a permit only class.

CSCI 1101 Introduction to Spreadsheets: An introductory examination of spreadsheet applications from simple formulas to predicting future outcomes. It covers web interfaces, charting, and macros and much more. This class counts as credit only if you have taken CSCI 1100 before fall 2002.

CSCI 1101- 904 Introduction to Spreadsheets On-Line: The on-line version of CSCI 1101. It is a permit only class.

CSCI 1102 Introduction to Database Applications is a non-programming CS class designed to help you make sense of all that data.

sonar 6   CSCI 1105 Computer Applications and Music is a non-programming CS class for lovers of sound.

The UIT office is staffed from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday during the semester. If you have questions about assignments, classes, or anything having to do with UIT, you can come by and ask. The office phone number is 423-439-6964.

All UIT Instructors hold their office hours in Gilbreath Hall, Room 107 and can generally be reached most easily via e-mail. All teacher contact information is posted in the individual class web sites.